Custom vape bands for ecig tank in our factory

Want to custom vape bands with your own brand? If yes, congrats, you come to the right place.  If not, you still have a chance to know how to personalize a vape band.

Silicone rubber ring for tank is essential vape accessory in vaper’s daily life, because the vape bands are both vibrant and useful. It help vape tank absorb the shack from shattering. And the vape industry vendors can use this to do marketing.

Custom vape bands is not a difficult thing anymore if you work with us as we are a factory in China and we have accepted many OEM order from our customers.

Here we would like you to know before customizing your vape bands:

First of all, the size of the custom vape bands

There are many sizes of silicone rubber ring on the market, but which one is the best that could meet your requirement?

You need to know exactly what is the inner diameter of this vape bands. Why?

The thickness of the vape bands is usually 2mm, if someone tell you a vape band is around 22mm diameter,, the inner diameter is usually 20mm only. So we need to check out the inner diameter of the vape bands.

Here are some size we usually use:

20mm inner diameter: this type silicone vape bands stretch for 22mm diameter atomizer.

22mm inner diameter: this type silicone vape bands stretch for 24mm diameter sub ohm tank or 25mm diameter atomizer.

So we’d better not use 20mm inner diameter vape bands fit on the 24mm or 25mm diameter tank, as it is hard to put on.

Secondly, Logo Technology: Screen printed, Embossed and Debossed 

Yes, it is matters when doing your own brand, as there are several logo technology when doing vape bands.

Screen printed: This is the most common way to print logo, it is an easy simple way to do the logo, just need to make a net for printing.

Embossed: Embossed logo need to make a metal module, with the module we can produce the vape bands with the logo at the same time.  This kind of logo is sturdy and will not fall off.

Debossed: Just like the embossed logo, this debossed type is made by module together with the band itself. The super hero vape band on the market is a debossed one, and we can call the debossed one engraved.

Debossed with printed: This type is printed one based on the debossed type.

Last but least, color of the bands and logo

You need to let us know what color of vape bands you would like to take, and what color of logo you’d like to printing.

We can do any color on the pantone card, and at the same time, we can let you know our advice.

If you don’t have plans on designing your own brand vape bands, you can simply choose from the best cheap vape bands which in stock in our factory, they are in stock and can be shipped right away.

Contact us right away.

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