Hadeons RDA 316 Stainless Steel

//Hadeons RDA 316 Stainless Steel

Hadeons RDA 316 Stainless Steel


– Delrin drip tip x1

– BF Pin x1

– 510 Pin x1

– Spare parts



The Hadeon kit RDA is a Entheon RDA delivered with a Hadaly style top cap (same airflow).

Hadeon RDA, is a mix of Hadaly and Entheon. just like its design shows it. Indeed, the top cap has the same relief design as Entheon but the size is smaller, just like Hadaly’s top cap is. Hadeon is equipped with a black Delrin drip tip to avoid overheating.

The base is still the same, 22mm diameter, offering a maximal compatibility with the products currently available on the market. The body of the atomizer is still made of SS, ensuring sobriety and robustness.


Hadeon has the same deck as Entheon: 2 posts are on both side of the atomizer, on the edges.

The coils are placed thanks to a system of clamps, wide, and held by large screws with flat heads. Designed for single coil, you can use any type of wire: from Kanthal to the thickest Alien. New: you can make your coil in both directions, the clamps are reversible and symmetrical!

Hadeon is a promise for a great flavor rendering. The top cap, smaller than the one of Entheon, reduces the atomization chamber to offer an amazing flavor rendering.

Concerning the airflow, there’re some changing. Four holes are on the top cap, just like the top cap of Hadaly, but on the deck, the airflow is the same as Entheon. But there’s something more: a plug makes it possible to close the air inlet between the two holes to offer a tighter draw. You can still easily adjust the top cap. You just need to turn the top cap.

Hadeon is bottom feeder ready, just like its brothers. The tank offers enough space to avoid oversquonking and an easy vape in classic use.